New: MEGA Lucky Bonus!

Introducing, Mega Lucky Bonus!

The Lucky Bonus mini game just got better. Now you can win up to $150,000,000 chips when you play Lucky Bonus, just spend a few gold to Mega multiply your bonus.

Mega Lucky Bonus
The benefits of Lucky Bonus:

  • Play for FREE every 8 hours.
  • Get up to 5x bonus multipliers when your friends play your Lucky Bonus machine in their newsfeed.
  • Help your friends by playing their feeds and get bonus chips. Friend bonus is limited to 2 claims per day but don't forget to click 'Claim' to make it count for your friend. 

The added benefits of Mega Lucky Bonus:

  • Play whenever you want for just a few gold.
  • Choose your multiplier rate: 50x, 75x, and 150x.
  • Win up to $150 Million Chips.

Check out the massive increase in Lucky Bonus payouts you can get when you play Mega Lucky Bonus! 

Lucky Bonus
* Not shown in-game: pay table for Free play (above), 2 gold, and 3 gold.

Ready? Set... LUCKY BONUS!



Please note, this feature is currently rolling out and is not yet available to all players. If you don't have it yet, you will soon!