iOS Jump Poker is Here!

Hey Zynga Poker Players! 

Jump Poker was created so players don't have to wait around at tables for the hands to finish. Now you can jump to another table and keep the poker fun going! 

Jump Poker is currently only available on iOS. 

When you open up the Zynga Poker app on your iPhone or iPad, you'll now see the Poker Games icon with a Jump Poker notification. 

Tap on Poker Games and you will be able to choose between Hold'Em Tables or Jump Poker. Tap on Jump Poker

Now you will see the pop up for the table stakes and buy-ins. Choose at which buy-in table you would like to be seated. 

Once the app loads a Jump Poker table, you will be seated and ready to play! 

If while at the table, you fold before others and are no long active in the hand, you will see a "Jump Now" button. Tap this button to move to another table and continue playing poker! 

You will be seated at another table with the same buy-in. Keep playing poker! 

You will also be seated at another table if every player at your table leaves. 

We hope that this will make Zynga Poker more enjoyable for you to play! There is now less wait time between hands! So go try it out now!