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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Win A MacBook Pro!

Our new Shootouts start today and this time we are giving away hot electronics like MacBook Pros! I know most of you are Shootout tournament pros by now, but if this is your first one, it's easy to play! How to Enter: 1. Click on the Tournaments tab in the Lobby. 2. Click on the Shootouts tab. 3. Enter Round 1 - it'll cost you $2,000 chips. 4. Win 1st place of Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 and you will be eligible for winning the Grand Prize! 5. 10 randomly drawn registrants will be announced! Play Shootouts for your chance to win prizes like hot electronics, trips to Vegas and cash giveaways like our Zynga Poker Prize-Filled Shootout!. The Prize-Filled Shootout ends Friday October 22nd - Play now!

Winners Announced For Zynga Poker Real Cash Shootout!

These 4 lucky Zynga Poker players won BIG in our $4K Real Cash Shootout: 1. Jason D. from Australia 2. Adrian B. from Chile 3. Theofanis T. from Greece 4. VIOREL I. from Romania Congrats to our 4 lucky winners! Play Shootouts for your chance to win prizes like hot electronics, trips to Vegas and cash giveaways like our Zynga Poker Prize-Filled Shootout!. The Prize-Filled Shootout ends Friday October 22nd.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Exclusively for Zynga Poker players: The New Zynga Poker VIP Club

Thanks to our players for making Zynga Poker the largest online Poker game! We couldn’t have done it without you. To celebrate we're introducing the Zynga Poker VIP Club.
Benefits include: • Double XP points every time you play • Exclusive, limited edition gifts • Access to exclusive tables with high-caliber players • A VIP badge displayed on the table If you are committed to playing poker – The Zynga Poker VIP Club is the place for you. Join today! Click the 'New VIP Club' tab within the table list in the lobby. VIP-150/1029910419_Pfrtu-O

Friday, September 24, 2010

Zynga Poker Is Giving Away Combo Cards!

Zynga Combo Cards can be used for Zynga Poker and are available at a store near you! From now through October 31 we’ll be giving away a $20 Zynga Combo Game Card per day! To qualify, just visit the Game Card page by clicking the red “Game Card” button within the game and you're automatically entered. It’s as simple as that. About the contest: One entry per day, per player. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on the Zynga Poker fan page. In order to qualify, you must have a valid email address on file with Zynga Poker. How can you spot a Combo Card? Select the card with multiple games displayed on the front. Although Poker is not pictured on the card, the Combo Card is redeemable for Zynga Poker.
Learn more by clicking the red "Game Card" button within the game, or by visiting Zynga.com

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking To Play Zynga Poker With One Easy Click? Try our Game Bar

We’ve heard from some of you that finding your way to Zynga Poker can be challenging. Here are two easy ways to play Zynga Poker: Zynga Poker Game Bar - Play Zynga Poker with just one easy click – right from your Game Bar! Plus, the Game Bar gives you an extra in-game bonus every day! Get the full scoop here! Facebook Profile Page - You’ll find a link to play Texas HoldEm Poker from the left side of your Facebook Profile page.
We’ll see you at the tables - Aces high!

Managing Your Game Requests Just Got Easier!

Game requests are no longer found on the right edge of your Facebook homepage. To help make your experience accepting gifts as easy and fun as possible, Zynga has implemented some exciting changes of our own. Find your Game Requests in three easy locations: 1) Within the Zynga Message Center – you’ll see it when you sign in. The Zynga Message Center allows you to access your Chip Gifts and Challenge Requests without having to open a new browser window or leave your game! Using the Zynga Message Center will reduce the number of clicks you have to make, and speed up your game play. ZMC150px
2) View the number of waiting requests next to your game’s bookmark in the left side of your Facebook homepage. Click the bookmark to accept your gifts.
3. Use the Zynga Game Bar for easy access to all of your Zynga Games. Plus, the Game Bar gives you an extra in-game bonus every day!
Don’t miss out on your Chip Gifts – make sure you know where to find your Game Requests!

Winners Announced For Wii Shootouts!

These 10 lucky Zynga Poker players won in our Wii Shootout: 1. Jose from California, USA 2. Stéphane from Saint-Cyr, France 3. Gary from Kentucky, USA 4. Ebert from Tallinn, Estonia        5. Mike from New York , USA    6. Chris from Ohio, USA 7. Goujet from Anneux, France 8. Rythy from Rhode Island, USA 9. Steven from Georgia, USA     10. Calogero from Enna, Italy            Kudos to our 10 lucky winners! Play Shootouts for your chance to win prizes like game consoles, trips to Vegas and cash giveaways like our $4K Real Cash Shootoutt. The $4K Shootout ends this Friday September 24th.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing Zynga Combo Cards!

Zynga Combo Cards can be used to buy chips and gold on Zynga Poker and are available in select retail locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Coming soon to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia! With Zynga Combo Cards you can: - Buy Zynga Poker Chips or Gold - Pay the way you prefer – cash or credit card - Find them at your favorite retailers
Zynga Poker is compatible with all Zynga Combo Cards, even if Poker isn't shown on the card! Note: cards are redeemable for the full retail amount only and cannot be combined. To learn more or redeem a card, click the red "Game Card" button within the game! GameCard-InGame/1015832324_kcFbc-O

NEW – Better rewards with Zynga Poker Game Bar

Would you like to make playing Zynga Poker easier AND more rewarding? Now you can with the Zynga Poker Game Bar! Here’s how: • Install & receive an instant $50,000 chip bonus and 1,000 XP points • Score up to $10,000,000 in chips in daily lottery (guaranteed minimum of $5,000 chip bonus)! • Play Zynga Poker with just one easy click – right from your Game Bar! Get the full scoop here! Already installed the Zynga Poker Game Bar? No problem, you’ll automatically receive the increased daily lottery. dailypromo-feature

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The poker newbie who cleaned up Macau

His name is James McCarty. He’s an Asian American who went to Asia with the dream of trading financial markets in Tokyo and discovering his Asian roots. He fell in love with live poker a year ago, and on a chance weekend to Macau, he won the ‘PokerStars Macau Poker Cup’, beating a long line of Asia’s finest poker pros. Read about poker’s unlikeliest underdog and what it takes to bluff Asia’s greatest bluffers. James ZP: So James, where are you from and how did you end up in Asia? Mainly for the ladies? JM: Haha…I was born in Boston, grew up in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and then Oregon. My senior year of university I was given a job opportunity to trade in the financial markets, which was my dream. The opportunity was in Tokyo and I took it. I shouldn’t say I moved here for the girls, because I love girls from all continents. ZP: So how did you first get into poker? Let me guess, from playing Zynga Poker the greatest poker game online in the world ever? JM: Hahaha, actually I first started playing poker when I was a waiter in Alaska during summer 2004. I learned the rules after the night shift, playing with other waiters and the cooks. Then when I was backpacking in Cambodia one year later, my friend Jason taught me real strategy. He is now a professional player in Macau. Zynga Poker is great and I have met people who first got into poker through Zynga. I admit, however, I am a newbie. I only installed it this year. ZP: And what do you love about playing poker? JM: Living in Japan, Macau is a lot closer than Las Vegas. Live poker is a thrill, and I love visiting Macau to compete when I can get away for a weekend. I’m a trader and I see endless parallels between poker and trading. Managing ego, sizing up risk, understanding the psychology of the market/ your opponents, knowing when to push your advantages and when to cool off. Poker makes me a better trader, and trading makes me a better poker player. ZP: Before the tournament started, what stage did you expect to get to? JM: At first I was just trying not to be the first one knocked out. I was dealt KK my second hand and though I only managed to win a small pot, it calmed my nerves. I got poor cards the rest of Day 1 and Day 2 but managed to survive. I was very short stacked most of the time, so I was not really thinking about a potential win. I stayed up late partying the night before the final day because my stack was so small and chances of a comeback slim. And I wanted to enjoy time with my friends. This actually served to loosen me up, and before I knew it I was playing well, finally getting good cards, and steamrolling through the final table. ZP: How much did you take home in winnings and what are you going to spend it on? JM: HK$490,000. As a pretty conservative guy, I am torn between two choices. Saving it in my bank account and investing in bonds. Or spreading it out on my floor bill by bill, and rolling around in it. I'm still taking suggestions. ZP: So have you thought about giving up your day job and going pro? You’ve clearly got the talent. JM: Everyone who has played poker has probably daydreamed about going pro, don't you think? Poker is a great game. I enjoy my current job and prefer to keep poker as a hobby for now. But ask me again in two years ;) ZP: Zynga Poker is full of budding poker newbies who would love to emulate what you’ve done. Any advice for how to sharpen your skills and beat the best? JM: I still have a lot to learn myself, but here are some lessons I have learned- 1. Stay disciplined. I won US$2000 one time in university. However, I played recklessly and lost it all in the following two weeks. I got depressed when I thought about all the pizzas I could have bought. I promised myself to never again play recklessly with my winnings, and began playing more disciplined poker. 2. Keep your ego reined in, but stay confident in your abilities and potential. This balance is admittedly very tough, but if your ego gets out of control you are bound to blow up. This is true in poker as well as in trading. 3. Don't play scared, because you will make poor decisions. Instead play confident and creative, i.e. don't be afraid of raising under the gun with 7-10 suited every once in a while. This will keep your opponents uncertain of what you hold, which is exactly what you want.